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Is your Apple Mac running slow or are you having hard disc errors/problems/not starting up?

Upgrade your internal hard disc drive to an SSD and see a dramatic improvement if performance!

All work carried out by ex Apple Certificated Engineer of 35years standing!

Overall, a 512GB SSD upgrade is suitable for general use-cases that don't require multiple high-end applications and heavy files. On the other hand, the 1TB/2TB/3TB model is optimal for users who often work with advanced or processing intensive applications and need access to and store a lot of files simultaneously.

Backups are almost mandatory and it almost goes without saying that it can be a much faster operation to carry out!

Image of Boston Studios website page located in an Apple Macbook Pro
Image of Boston Studios website page

This upgrade offers users a much faster computing experience as SSDs are more energy efficient, more reliable and much quieter than other hard drives. Upgrading your Mac computer's hard drive to an SSD can make one of the most drastic differences to your Mac computer's performance by the OS starting up in as little as 20 secs or applications launching in as little as 5 secs!

Even spreadsheet calculations are carried out much faster - it’ll feel like you are using a brand new machine - mine certainly does!

Not all machines are upgradeable in this way of course - well this is Apple Computers we are talking about here!

Contact me with your computers details such as model, serial number and I’ll try to tell you your options for upgrading!


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