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Boston Studios - On-Line Audio Production, Music Creation, Mixing, Mastering and Commercial Ready Release Material

We specialise in solo, duo and trio’s work in all genre’s, including advanced MIDI creation to support the artist’s work

So, how does this all work?

We use Apple Macs with Garageband and Logic Pro X to provide remote production of your tracks to masters for commercial release!

This is what we do!

  • We import and use your tracks from any format WAV, AIFF etc
  • We create MIDI tracks and set the instrument you specify
  • We mix the tracks and use EQ, compression and more
  • Produce a master as broadcast/commercial/radio/release ready

And what we don’t do!

  • We don’t record your work for you but we can advise you on any issues
  • We don’t have a rehearsal room that you can use unfortunately
  • We DO NOT use unauthorised copyright material whatsoever
  • We don’t charge a fortune for engineering time, but an hourly rate

Music and Audio Track Creation - MIDI production tracks are our speciality!

We can create (using MIDI technology) tracks for your recording which may be for any purpose - once completed the full copyright is passed to you. These tracks can be manipulated into almost any sound that is required from Cathedral Organ to Bagpipes - and a whole lot more in between.

Adding Your Own Audio Tracks

We can also use your recorded audio tracks that you supply to us editing them as required. They can be suppled as your shared Garageband or Logic Pro Projects, audio tracks in various formats but AIFF or WAV is preferred (larger file size) as they are lossless. MP3’s can be used but have less quality - also smaller file size. We can also use Flash Drives and other transfer mediums like ‘Dropbox’ to collect your data. Please remember that although we can some times work miracles, in general rubbish in will often equal rubbish out!

Adding these tracks involves doing things such as setting the volume of the individual tracks (making sure they’re not peaking above -8db), editing out small mistakes or timing issues, adding compression if needed, adjusting EQ if needed, add reverb and echo if required, move tracks within the stereo spectrum using panning and then finalising the whole mix ready for mastering.

We will then mix all the tracks to be used together

First of all we clean the tracks up to remove any unwanted content, we pitch correct your vocals, correct any timing issues if needed and then load it into Logic Pro. Mixing is when you balance the different tracks and blend them into a cohesive whole using EQ, compression, reverb, delay and saturation using a range of quality effects as needed on each track to achieve the desired result of a clean punchy mix that can proceed to the next stage. 

OK so that’s a simplification but hard earnt trade secrets are not to be just given away!

However we need feedback at this point from you to tell us your feelings on the mix so that we can adjust to suit you - it’s your track and work we are dealing with after all

After your approval of the mix, we then master all the tracks to be used for production

We finally will produce a master recording suitable for use in such as radio ready broadcasting or commercial production release subject of course to your approval

iMac image from Apple Computers
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So, what other equipment do we use

We keep things simple so here’s some examples

•    Four of the best performing Scarlett mic preamps the range has ever heard – for miking up guitars or recording vocals direct.

•    Two high headroom instrument inputs, for plugging your guitar or bass straight in

•    Eight balanced line inputs, for connecting synths or other line-level audio, and four balanced outputs, for monitoring and effects sends

•    Four monitor outs, featuring anti-thump tech and speaker switching

Scarlett 18i8 Interface

The 3rd Generation Scarlett 18i8 gives you all the tools to record all your instruments in studio quality, anywhere. With its high channel count, compact size and a huge selection of software in the box, 18i8 is ready to record and replay your tracks in high quality.

The Blue Yeti X is a desktop USB microphone that offers a bit beefier components than you’d usually find in its competitors. That’s probably why its predecessor, the Yeti, is so popular among the at-home recording crowd. Not only is the Yeti fairly inexpensive, but it offers recording results that are only slightly worse than a more studio-appropriate microphone. Say what you want about USB mics, but they do get you about 90% of the way to “good” recordings if you want to get started without a ton of cash. Just like it is with photography, the skill and experience of the performer and mixer are vastly more important than the equipment you use. A mic is a tool that won’t do all the work for you, but will treat you right provided you put the time in.

Medeli A300 Professional MIDI Keyboard

Keys: 61 keys with touch response, 

Display: LCD

Polyphony: 64, Voices: 618, 

Accompaniment Styles: 200+10 users, Registration Memory: 48, Songs: 150+5 users, 

Recording: 5 tracks + accompaniment

MIDI: USB-MIDI full output,Speakers: 2 x 35 watt, 4 Ohm

Artiphon Instrument 1 MIDI Controller!

What about this beauty!

A MIDI controller keyboard with a difference!

Plays like a guitar but with a difference

Professional Yeti Blue Microphones

The heavy 50s-style metal construction – complete with a brilliantly designed large-footprint table stand – lends it an air of seriousness not found elsewhere.

It boasts a custom three-capsule array, Four pickup patterns: Flexible cardioid, omni, bidirectional, and stereo pickup patterns.

So, now a little more technical detail

We use Apple Macs with Garageband and predominately Logic Pro X to provide production of your tracks as masters for release!

We also use Apple’s Digital Master Tools to ensure that the music that you hear is exactly what you wanted whether you listen to it on iTunes, Spotify or on the radio.

Apple Digital Masters Update

The latest information from Apple for an in depth look at digital recording and it’s challenges - we use its recommendations!

Click the file below to read or download.

So, now a little more practical detail

What exactly do we need from you to create your commercially ready release?

We Need

Your tracks as exported from your recording studio or home system, sometimes called STEM’s

The best format for these is a non-compressed .WAV or .AIFF, it would also help to confirm the BPM of your project

These files may be quite large so they can be emailed or sent into my dropbox or on a flash drive - Mac or PC or any file transfer site you prefer!

Any other information that you think would help me in mixing and mastering your work would be very helpfull 

It’s not always possible to set a time on carrying out the work as all projects are different and it could range from a few hours to 30 hours for a complex piece of work!


A release of your work for you to check and evaluate will be provided so that the necessary amendments can be made and the rechecked.

All revisions are included in the price, until you are completely satisfied.

Once we have an approved mix and you are 100% happy, I will send you the final mix package. 

This will include all the versions and will be ready for mastering.


Copyright of all images in this web site are both the property and intellectual property of Roger Burningham

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